Al Fahd Company was founded in 1968 in the city of Unaizah,
in Al Qassim Province of the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia,
where it began its works in the contracting, roads, and buildings sector,  and soon expanded to invest in several other vital sectors.

Since our inception, we focused on the Saudi
market, and that helped in setting up the basis
for looking at us as an executor and operator who
is aware with concepts of the market, its laws and variables.

Contracting is the core of our business; it was the
starting point that helped us to work in other
sectors, and today it is the main pillar among the
four domains of our works, which are:

• Contracting
• Real estate
• Industry
• Trade

Today, the company has more than six thousand workers in different sectors and factories, and it is managed according to the latest administrative mechanisms. Its Board of Directors includes many influential persons who are very well-known in the Saudi market.


Today, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a state of prosperity and progress in all domains of so cio-economic development .This state of prosperity came after a long period of hard and diligent work that contributed in pushing the country forward on the path of progress and civilization.

We (at Al Fahd Company) thank God that we were one of the first local companies that had accompanied this development and participated in making that renaissance on more than one level and in several sectors.

Since the mid-sixties of the last century, Al Fahd Company was able to build trust and credibility with private and public sectors, where it carried out many of the major vital projects ,and now it still works as a reservist for many ministries and governmental installations .

Half a century of professional hard work was enough to put us in the ranks of large companies in the Kingdom, and to expand our activities today to be pioneers in sectors of trade, contracting,industry, tourism and others.

Today we will present to you a thorough overview of Al Fahd Company; its history, inception, works and projects, and we will disclose to you the vision and mission of our company’s management, praying to God that he will always help us to succeed in doing what is good for the country and its people.

Chief Executive officer


Working in the vital service sectors has some kind of Specificity that necessitates certain characteristics to be available in any party who wants to succeed in this domain; the most important of these characteristics are seriousness, professionalism and working according to the latest updates in scientific theories and operational solutions.And as it is known, every country boasts its prosperity or its civil renaissance because it reflects its imageand the level of its progress among other countries.Accordingly, it is noted that the Kingdom gives priority to “construction and contracting” Sector and other related industry, real estate and trade sectors.

In fact, with that seriousness and hard work and by virtue of high synergism between all governmentaland private organizations, the Kingdom has reached a high level of constructional growth which emulates the world›s largest countries.We (at Al Fahd Company) are proud that we were and we are still an integral part of this honorablepicture and that we always work hard to achieve the best for the country and citizens.


We are working to be the Saudi company
whose projects exceed the limits of
the kingdom, to the Arab region and
neighboring countries in order to provide
products that reflect the true evolution of
the renaissance of our dear country


Our mission is to complete our works with
the utmost quality and accuracy, and to
adhere to deadlines and specifications,
through the serious and committed work
which is done by a competent team that
is capable to accomplish the major and the most difficult projects.


Our goals are to be number one working
company in the Kingdom and the region, and to be a national and responsible role model in terms of quality, work environment and accuracy of implementation or execution.

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