Together, the divisions of contracting and real estate form the solid core of operations at Al Fahd Company. As contractors, we are classified as “Class 1” company. Holding this legal operational status in Saudi Arabia qualifies us to engage in any large project across the Kingdom.

Our exceptional standing in the market comes from long and focused planning for developing and owning multidisciplinary expertise of international stature. With “Class 1” classification, there are no restrictions to the scope of work that Al Fahd Company can undertake in contracting. This is evident in the many ambitious large and complex projects in our portfolio across the Kingdom.

Our experienced team deliver services for infrastructure development, design-build construction, construction-management, supervision, and design consultation. The multitude of our contracting services are integrated intelligently to address client choices and requirements, from the smallest projects to turnkey developments.

Al Fahd Company has successfully delivered major highways, infrastructure, multi-use buildings and facilities, water and sewage treatment plants, bridges and large electromechanical and HVAC projects.

The list of projects is long and includes the very challenging restoration project of “Wadi Hanifah”, which is considered one of the most significant natural landmarks in the region of Riyadh.