Al Fahd Company was established in 1968 in Unaizah, Qassim, Saudi Arabia. Since then the company has expanded vertically and horizontally, investing in a number of businesses and industries.

Our main focus is on the Saudi market. This strategy has served us well, gearing us toward dedicating our resources and knowledge for the development of our core business areas. Today, we are driven by the delivery of higher product and service quality in fast-growing market segments, or present promising future opportunities. We see our role as a diversified enterprise satisfying vital requirements and needs within the Saudi market.

Our business has led us to the four key economic sectors of contracting, real estate, industry and trade. While our most accomplished areas of operation are in contracting and real estate, industry and trade are also proving to be excellent growth markets.

As a well-recognized name in the market of Saudi Arabia, we are best known for the uncompromising quality of our work and our team’s dedication to on-time project delivery. These statements are not ours but they are the echo of several testimonials by our clients over the years.

We consider this esteemed reputation to be our greatest asset.